NeeJay Sherman is passion, emotions, and resilience – personified. A true being of service at heart and soul. She’s smart, educated, and like they say – a perfect combination of beauty and brains! However, what really defines her true being is her unnerving valor, the strength of steel, and resilience that wouldn’t break. 

NeeJay Sherman is the young rising author of a new cult favorite poetry book entitled Broken To Peace. The book which was self-published and released at the top of 2020 focuses on helping women find their personal peace and prioritize their mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. What started out as personal anecdotes written in her iPhone to lift her spirits as she grieved the loss of her beloved mother blossomed into a thought-provoking and enlightening body of work created to nurture the souls of others who have also experienced loss, trauma, and heartbreak.


As a former pageant girl born and raised in the midwest, starting from a young age NeeJay always had the heart to empower and advocate for women. She wanted to be a voice for girls who came from unstable households stemming from her own childhood traumas. Later while pursuing her degree in visual merchandising in New York NeeJay never lost sight of her desire to inspire other women and continued her mission through volunteer work with reputable female-focused businesses and organizations like Elle Magazine and Girl Boss.


Today, NeeJay hopes to not only continue to reach multitudes through the expression of poetry but to also become a philanthropist giving time and resources to empower and encourage others to embrace brokenness for the better.

NeeJay’s work entails profound stories of love, loss, grief, healing, and self-love. Her poetry bleeds emotions that all humans feel and has a magical power to relate with the reader. Her poetry connects with the reader on a deeper level, sparking suppressed emotions and embarking them on a journey of healing and overcoming the grief. While reading her work, you will find yourself
embark on a journey of self-discovery – and you will find the strength you never knew you had.

Her poetry lights up your heart, allows you to ache and grieve but also pushes you out of it. And this is what makes her work stand out from her contemporaries.


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